National Asbestos Awareness Campaign

The National Asbestos Awareness Campaign 2022-23 launched in November 2022. 

This is the first national advertising campaign of this scale to be delivered in Australia aimed at improving awareness and influencing behaviour change to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres.

The overarching Think Twice About Asbestos concept was developed to remind Australians of the prevalence and danger of asbestos. 

The first phase of advertising ran from November - December 2022 to coincide with National Asbestos Awareness Week (NAAW) and the lead up to the summer holiday period which is a known period of increased DIY/home improvement activity. 

Previous campaign materials

Phase 2 – March – April 2023 

Phase 1 – November – December 2022

Think Twice About Asbestos - National Asbestos Awareness Week - November 2021