Asbestos is banned in Australia

What you need to know about the asbestos ban

Asbestos has been completely banned in Australia since December 2003.

Importing or exporting asbestos or goods containing asbestos is prohibited under Australian law, except in very limited circumstances where permission to import and/or export can be granted.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) regulates the import and export of goods at the border. Their website has everything you need to know about goods which may contain asbestos and what you need to do. See:

The ABF makes it clear that importers and exporters are responsible for making sure that goods do not contain asbestos before they arrive or leave Australia. It also warns that goods certified as “asbestos free” by overseas testing laboratories or manufacturers may still contain low levels of asbestos which are not permitted in Australia. 

Asbestos in imported motor vehicles and parts

Vehicle importers are responsible for ensuring vehicles and parts do not contain any asbestos before being shipped to Australia. For more information see the ABF fact sheet: “Managing the risk of asbestos when importing a motor vehicle.”

Asbestos in natural stone products

Asbestos may be present in some natural stone products such as stone slabs and tiles used for internal fittings, benchtops, wall and floor tiles. The use (including installation) of any materials that contain asbestos, such as stone products containing asbestos, is prohibited in Australia. For more information see: Asbestos in natural stone products.