Updated asbestos awareness brochures for fire protection trades, and the automotive industry and historic car enthusiasts

17 Sep 2021

As a part of our ongoing project to update our asbestos safety and awareness brochures, we have refreshed two additional brochures – one for fire protection trades, and a second one for the automotive industry and historic car enthusiasts. 

This update modernises the brochures and provides information about where asbestos is commonly found, and the laws and regulations surrounding asbestos management and removal. It also provides guidance and safety tips to help individuals protect themselves and others from exposure to harmful asbestos fibres. 

The updated automotive brochure now includes information for historic vehicle enthusiasts, who may be exposed to asbestos while working on older vehicles.

As a part of the update, we consulted with a number of peak bodies and industry associations to ensure the information is practical and relevant. This included discussions with the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union, Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, National Fire Industry Association, and Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union. We also consulted with the Australian Border Force. 

To see the updated brochures, visit: