Progress in developing the Phase Three Asbestos National Strategic Plan

18 Dec 2023

Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultation process for the draft Phase Three Asbestos National Strategic Plan (ANSP) between September and October 2023. We have published an infographic summarising the comments we received through workshops, webinars, written submissions and survey responses. This feedback was instrumental in shaping the revised version of the ANSP that was approved by the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council in November. 

The ANSP has also been informed by extensive research, including an analysis of achievements against the recommendations of the 2012 Asbestos Management Review and an economic evaluation of options to increase the rate of asbestos removal safely. These reports are now available on our website:

With approximately 6 million tonnes of ageing asbestos material that still remain in our built environment, the ANSP identifies the areas that require ongoing action and improvement, including ways to prioritise the safe removal and disposal of these materials. 

What’s next?

The post-consultation draft will now be submitted for Ministerial approval. 

Once the ANSP has been submitted to Ministers, we will publish it on our website. Keep an eye out on your inbox and follow us on LinkedIn to be notified when this has been published.