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Asbestos safety training for workers entering trades

What’s this consultation about?

We are consulting about asbestos safety training for workers entering trades where they are likely to encounter asbestos. We have prepared a discussion paper in response to ongoing concerns raised by stakeholders about whether current training arrangements adequately protect these workers.  

The discussion paper covers:

  • current WHS legal requirements for training relevant to asbestos safety in all Australian jurisdictions
  • a description of the main training options available to PCBUs, including a general explanation of the national vocational education and training system (VET) and its regulatory framework
  • recent efforts to introduce more nationally recognised asbestos safety awareness training in the context of current Vocational Education and Training system reforms
  • options to enhance current asbestos safety awareness training, particularly for new workers acquiring their qualifications.

The discussion paper includes specific questions to guide submissions. There is also a template submission sheet which you may wish to use – this is optional. 

The discussion paper can be downloaded from this page, as can the submission template, should you wish to use it. 

Relevant documents

How to have your say

This consultation commenced on Monday 25 October and will run for eight weeks closing on Friday 17 December.

We look forward to your engagement on this important issue and encourage you to make a submission. You can ask questions about the consultation by sending an email to

Your submission

Please forward your submission to

Please note that ASEA may publish submissions on its website unless you request confidentiality. Our privacy policy can be accessed here.

What happens next

We will consider all submissions and will make recommendations informed by your views to the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council.

We will keep you updated on our progress on this web page.