Asbestos safety training for workers entering trades

What’s this consultation about?

This consultation process is about asbestos safety training for workers entering trades where they are likely to encounter asbestos. We published a discussion paper in response to ongoing concerns raised by stakeholders about whether current training arrangements adequately protect these workers.

The discussion paper covers:

  • current WHS legal requirements for training relevant to asbestos safety in all Australian jurisdictions
  • a description of the main training options available to PCBUs, including a general explanation of the national vocational education and training system (VET) and its regulatory framework
  • recent efforts to introduce more nationally recognised asbestos safety awareness training in the context of current Vocational Education and Training system reforms
  • options to enhance current asbestos safety awareness training, particularly for new workers acquiring their qualifications.

The public consultation period was open for submissions from Monday 25 October - Friday 17 December, 2021.


The report following consultation is now available. It covers:

  • a consultation summary
  • what emerged from the consultation - 5 key themes
  • preferred reform options
  • next steps 

Relevant documents



A total of 20 submissions were received during consultation. 2 of these asked to be kept anonymous, and one was provided confidentially (not published). 

The following have made their submissions available.


What happens next

We have considered all submissions and have  made recommendations informed by the submissions to the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council.

The Council has agreed to and implemented the proposed steps recommended at page 16 of the report, including requesting that Safe Work Australia progress the preferred reform option of mandatory asbestos awareness training for specified trades, as this would require amendment to the model work health and safety laws. 


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