Asbestos safety research

Our research roadmap

Commissioning, monitoring and promoting research about asbestos safety is one of our key functions.

Building a solid evidence base to inform decisions and the setting of priorities is critical to achieving the aim and targets of the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management (NSP).

Research under the first phase of the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management—NSP 2014–2018—has been exploratory, but targeted, in nature. It focused on themes considered important to better understand how to deal with Australia’s asbestos legacy. Asbestos safety research covered areas such as asbestos in the community, identifying asbestos and managing legacy asbestos.

Under the second phase—NSP 2019–2023—four principles will guide our research direction:

  • Aligned—to NSP 2019–2023 priorities, which includes areas of contemporary interest to the Australian community and sector priority issues.
  • Impactful—in terms of improved knowledge, understanding, practice, behaviours and health outcomes.
  • Focused—on what is important, in a way that will make the greatest difference to the Australian community.
  • Innovative—address gaps to bring new insights, understanding and thought leadership to the Australian and international asbestos community.

Asbestos safety research

Our asbestos safety research reports communicate details about the Australian asbestos legacy, and highlight opportunities for improving asbestos management in our homes, workplaces and the environment.

Asbestos safety case studies

Asbestos safety case studies illustrate the approaches taken or significant achievements by different partners in the asbestos management system. This includes community, industry and government stakeholders. They show what works in a particular context and how learnings and lessons can be applied more broadly.