Real Estate Agents and Property Managers Research

Date created: Date modified: 26 Jan 2024

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) partnered with Faster Horses to conduct research with real estate agents and property managers using both qualitative and quantitative data collection processes. This research aimed to gain an understanding of their knowledge and attitudes towards managing asbestos risks, with a particular focus on how this influences their engagement with buyers, sellers and tenants.

This research aimed to explore the following awareness and attitudinal indicators among real estate agents and property managers:

  • awareness of the dangers of asbestos;
  • knowledge of where asbestos is present and in what states it presents greatest risk;
  • extent to which asbestos is raised/discussed with buyers/sellers/tenants;
  • asbestos information sources aware of and used;
  • property types dealt with and where an asbestos register is required;
  • actioned undertaken when asbestos is present; and
  • participation in formal asbestos training.