Five principles to guide the planning and implementation of all our strategic actions.

  1. Evidence-based decision-making – to inform decisions and priority setting we will identify, analyse and disseminate high-quality Australian and international evidence, and where gaps exist, commission national data and research. Robust metrics will allow transparent comparisons across jurisdictions and over time measure progress against NSP 2019–2023 targets.


  1. Consultation, collaboration and cooperation – as the planning for and management of asbestos involves all tiers of government and partnerships with business and key non-government bodies, our actions will be planned and delivered using respectful consultation, collaboration and cooperation. Asbestos is a matter of serious public concern and where required collaboration with relevant members of the community will be sought.


  1. Transparency – our actions will be developed and conducted in an open and transparent manner so that stakeholders will have access to relevant and appropriate information. Wherever practical, our actions will be evaluated and the outcomes shared and publicly reported.


  1. Precaution – a proactive and cautious approach will be used to ensure that the risks of asbestos exposure to all Australians are considered and addressed in any NSP 2019–2023 actions.


  1. Sharing best practice – our actions and NSP 2019–2023 resources will be designed to suit our target audiences, boost innovation, reduce duplication across jurisdictions and drive continuous improvement.