Strategy one: Awareness

Many different government and community bodies have a role in increasing the public awareness of the dangers of asbestos exposure. The effectiveness of these efforts can be improved through national coordination and targeted to areas of need.


Increase public awareness of the health risks posed by working with or being exposed to asbestos.


  • Review of awareness raising information, programmes and campaigns in Australia and internationally to identify gaps and improve awareness in the Australian community of the risks of asbestos in the built environment.
  • Develop a “one-stop-shop” of information on asbestos-related issues, integrating information, and providing referral points for members of the public.
  • Develop practical, evidence-based asbestos safety awareness material for people likely to come into contact with ACMs in a residential setting.


  1. Increased community awareness of the risks posed by asbestos and its impact on the health of the community.
  2. Improved access to information for those who work and live with asbestos, including where and when to source information and advice.
  3. Demonstrated cultural and behavioural change within the community as a result of improved understanding of both the health risks and exposure pathways of asbestos in both commercial and residential environments.