Monitoring, evaluating and reporting

Putting our commitments into action

The success of NSP 2019–2023 depends on our collective efforts and sustained action. To achieve our aim and targets, ASEA will develop supporting plans to guide national action for all tiers of government, which our stakeholders can also actively support. These will be published on the ASEA website.

The national plans will include recommended strategic activities, outlining what needs to be done, who needs to do it and when it needs to be done to meet our targets.

Jurisdictional plans and priorities will inform the recommendations as well as the success of progress made to-date.


Keeping us focused: Monitoring, evaluating and reporting our progress

NSP 2019–2023 signatories will, as far as possible, align their jurisdictional and local action plans with the national priorities and strategic actions.

All signatories will monitor, evaluate and report against their action plans with ASEA and each other. We recognise that we will only meet our targets and achieve our aim if we collaborate effectively, share our successes and challenges.

ASEA will support the national priorities and strategic actions by:

  • coordinating, monitoring and commissioning research
  • tracking performance against the national targets
  • collating signatories’ strategic actions and where performance gaps are identified, recommend new activities.

To help keep NSP 2019–2023 on track, ASEA will also develop an annual progress report, which it will provide to all relevant Ministers and publish on its website.

A midpoint review of NSP 2019-2023 will provide an opportunity to amend if required national priorities, strategic actions or targets.

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council will provide ongoing guidance, advice and recommendations to assist in the successful delivery of NSP 2019–2023 targets.

Together, over the next five years we will invest, learn, celebrate and promote our successes to move towards ending the harmful legacy of asbestos in Australia.