Asbestos Safety and Home Improvement Research 

Date created: Date modified: 26 Jan 2024

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) partnered with SEC Newgate Research to conduct an online survey with home improvers to evaluate asbestos knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.

Additionally, the findings of this research revealed a more nuanced understanding of different ‘home improvers’ –  identifying five distinct clusters of similar people to help prioritise future communications and engagement activities: 

  • financially vulnerable DIYers (27% of the total home improver audience);
  • multicultural young urbanites (21%);
  • well-heeled DIY enthusiasts (8%);
  • financially comfortable families (16%); and 
  • cautious older outsourcers (28%).

To gain a deeper understanding of these segments, ASEA partnered with ThinkPlace Australia to undertake a qualitative study in the form of interviews and focus groups to gauge if there are are demographic differences which impact attitude and behaviours towards asbestos safety.