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Asbestos Risk Communications Guidelines

Date created: Date modified: 1 Jun 2021


Development of Asbestos Risk Communications Guidelines

Asbestos is present across the Australian built environment. As the largest user of asbestos per capita in the world until 1990, there is still a great deal of asbestos in situ around the country. This means a range of organisations (government, non-government and commercial) often find that they need to talk to the community about asbestos risks; either proactively, to prevent exposure and encourage safe behaviours, or, unfortunately, in response to an incident where people may have been exposed.

This project will see the development of standard guidelines to communicate the risks of asbestos with the public. The Agency have partnered with Biotext, an agency that specialises in science communication and content, to draft the guidelines and assist in the consultation process.


Project stages:

Stage 1: Targeted pre-consultation - COMPLETE

Four consultation workshops to be held, to discuss experiences, thoughts and challenges in asbestos risk communications. The consultations were held via Zoom and run by Double Arrow Consulting in partnership with Biotext. 

1. Workshop with asbestos professionals (working group)

2. Workshop with general public

3. Focus group with asbestos disease sufferers and their carers

4. Workshop with both professionals and the general public together

A report on the workshops, written by Biotext, is available here.


Stage 2: Drafting of guidelines - WE ARE HERE

Informed by the workshops, the Guidelines are drafted in consultation with the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency.


Stage 3: Consultation on guidelines

The stage 3 process will include targeted consultation to core stakeholders and potential users. 

A 6 week public consultation period will then open for submissions and feedback.


Stage 4: Incorporation of feedback and finalisation

All feedback and submissions will be collated and considered. The guidelines will be finalised based on feedback. 

A feedback report will be published. 


Stage 5: Endorsement sought and guidelines published

Final endorsement will be sought from key stakeholders. At the conclusion, the guidelines will be published. 



To get in touch regarding this project, please email with the subject line: Risk Communications