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National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Management and Awareness

The National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Management and Awareness 2014–18 was launched on 28 August 2015 by the Minister for Employment. This was the culmination of a national planning process that was endorsed by all Australian jurisdictions.

Since the formation of the nationally agreed plan, the agency has been coordinating quarterly national reporting to the Minister for Employment, and Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council as well as annual progress reports published in hard copy and on the agency website. This has highlighted extensive action being delivered in all jurisdictions that has contributed to preventing asbestos-related diseases.

During 2017–18 the agency undertook a process evaluation of the national strategic plan to identify what areas have worked well, what can be improved and how this will contribute to more effective coordination regarding the plan and prevention of asbestos–related diseases in Australia.

The finding of this review and a broader review of the implementation of the plan will feed into the development of second iteration of the plan in the first half of the 2018–19 reporting year and in time for final stakeholder consultation at the agency’s conference in November 2018.