Safe disposal

All asbestos waste needs to be disposed of safely. This includes:

  • asbestos
  • asbestos-containing materials
  • anything that has been contaminated with asbestos (unless it has been fully decontaminated).

Preparing asbestos for disposal

Any asbestos you dispose of must be properly packaged.

To properly package the waste, place it in two layers of 200 μm plastic sheeting or in asbestos waste bags and remember that you must:

  • Keep any asbestos waste wet until it is properly packaged.
  • Make sure that all of the waste is packaged, including any contaminated materials such as tools.
  • Completely seal the packages with adhesive tape.
  • Place asbestos warning stickers on the packages, or clearly label the packages as 'ASBESTOS WASTE' using a permanent marker pen.
  • Store the packaged asbestos waste in a solid, secure and clearly labelled waste bin until it is removed.

Disposing of asbestos safely

Asbestos waste should be securely transported to a designated asbestos-waste disposal facility and disposed of.

Requirements for the transportation of asbestos-waste may vary between states and territories. You should contact the Environmental Protection Agency in your state or territory for more information on these requirements.