2019 Asbestos Safety Conference

2019 Asbestos Safety Logo

The 2019 Asbestos Safety Conference was held in Perth from 11 - 13 November, with the conference, tradeshow and summer garden social event taking place at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Asbestos management involves governments at all levels, across a range of areas, as well as a network of organisations and people that influence and help to achieve the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management 2019-23 (NSP 2019–2023) aim and targets. The 2019 conference provided a unique opportunity to come together, exchange information and share ideas with over 230 domestic and international professionals from a range of sectors including work health and safety, public health, local government and the environment. 

This year we collaborated with a focus on Australia's National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management and the important roles and responsibilities all members of the asbestos management system have in working together toward preventing exposure to asbestos fibres in order to eliminate asbestos-related diseases. The success of the NSP 2019–2023 depends on collective efforts and sustained action. 

For any further enquiries regarding the 2019 conference please contact events@asbestossafety.gov.au.