Strategy five: Research

Any work undertaken to improve asbestos management and awareness needs a strong research base. There has been a significant amount of research and information regarding asbestos and asbestos-related diseases conducted in Australia and internationally. A nationally coordinated research approach will consider innovative ways to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres and minimise the impact of asbestos-related disease.


Commission, monitor and promote research into the prevention of asbestos exposure and asbestos-related disease.


  • Identify key national and international research and reports to enable better sharing of information to inform policy and best practice.
  • Commission and promote research that reduces the risks of exposure to asbestos and minimises the impact of asbestos-related disease.


  1. Coordination of key research supports evidence informed policy and practice.
  2. Commissioned research identifies practical and innovative approaches to prevent or minimise risks from exposure to asbestos fibres, and support for people with asbestos-related diseases.