Best practice case studies

The agency has undertaken a project to identify and promote a range of organisations and individuals that currently demonstrate best practice across a variety of areas in asbestos management.

The goal of this project is to:

  • highlight examples of best practice in asbestos management throughout Australia,
  • promote these examples to the wider community and industry,
  • encourage industry to use similar ideas or practices that lead to safer handling/management of asbestos-containing materials.

The agency worked with consultants to develop a definition of best practice and also to identify organisations who demonstrate best practice in relation to asbestos management.

During this project, the agency found that there is a significant amount of knowledge in industry and also in the community about the dangers of being exposed to asbestos. The agency also found that this is creating a strong commitment towards workplace health and safety within industry organisations.

A strong workplace health and safety culture means that employees are more satisfied, productivity is increased and costs for the organisation are reduced.

Click on the links below for case-studies and case study videos that demonstrate best practice for home renovators, tradespeople (including electricians, plumbers and asbestos removalists), as well as best practice in industry training and asbestos awareness.

The agency hopes that these best-practice case studies will be used as examples for individuals and organisations when dealing with asbestos.

The agency engaged consultants to develop a definition of best practice relating to asbestos management and identify organisations who would be considered to exemplify best practice in various areas of asbestos management.

The agency will be using these best-practice case studies during 2015–16 as examples for organisations in those industry sectors to replicate in their own workplaces.